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dc.contributor.authorPérez-Domínguez, Luis
dc.description.abstractDimensional analysis, for multi-criteria decision making, is a math- ematical method that includes diverse heterogeneous criteria into a single di- mensionless index. Dimensional Analysis, in its current defi nition, presents the drawback to manipulate fuzzy information commonly presented in a multi- criteria decision making problem. To overcome such limitation, we propose two dimensional analysis based techniques under intuitionistic fuzzy environ- ments. By the arithmetic operations of intuitionistic fuzzy numbers, we de- scribe the intuitionistic fuzzy dimensional analysis (IFDA) and the aggregated intuitionistic fuzzy dimensional (AIFDA) techniques. In the fi rst technique, we consider only the handling of fuzzy information; and, in the second one we consider both quantitative (crisp) and qualitative (fuzzy) information typically presented together in a decision making problem. To illustrate our approaches, we present some numerical examples and perform some comparisons with other well-known techniques.es_MX
dc.description.uriDOI: 10.22111/IJFS.2018.3713es_MX
dc.relation.ispartofProducto de investigación IITes_MX
dc.relation.ispartofInstituto de Ingeniería y Tecnologíaes_MX
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.subjectDimensional analysis; Intuitionistic fuzzy set; multi-criteria decision makinges_MX
dc.titleIntuitionistic fuzzy dimensional analysis for multi-criteria decision makinges_MX
dcrupi.institutoInstituto de Ingeniería y Tecnologíaes_MX
dc.identifier.doiDOI: 10.22111/IJFS.2018.3713es_MX
dc.contributor.coauthorALVARADO-INIESTA, ALEJANDRO
dc.contributor.coauthorGarcía-Alcaraz, Jorge Luis
dc.contributor.coauthorValles Rosales, Delia Julieta
dc.journal.titleIranian Journal of Fuzzy Systemses_MX
dc.lgacCalidad y Mejoramiento Continuoes_MX
dc.cuerpoacademicoCalidad y Optimizaciónes_MX

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