• The distribution of Uranotaenia Sapphirina and UR. socialis in Tabasco, Southern Mexico 

      Garza Hernandez, Javier Alfonso; Ortega Morales, Aldo I.; Rodríguez Martínez, Luis M.; Méndez Alvarado, William; López Hernández, Isaias; Medrano Santillana, Miguel; González Acosta, Cassandra; Correa Morales, Fabián (2022-08-01)
      In Mexico, the genus Uranotaenia includes 11 species distributed mainly in the tropical and subtropical regions in the southeast of the country. Uranotaenia sapphirina has been reported in 18 states in Mexico: Campeche, ...
    • The mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) of Tabasco, Mexico 

      Garza Hernandez, Javier Alfonso (2019-01-22)
      To document and update the mosquito species of Tabasco, Mexico, field collection trips were conducted in the two physiographic regions of Tabasco: the coastal plain of the southern gulf and the mountains of Chiapas and ...

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