• The Frame of Nuclei on an Alexandroff Space 

      Ávila Álvarez, Francisco (2020-06-20)
      Let O𝑆 be the frame of open sets of a topological space S, and let 𝑁(O𝑆) be the frame of nuclei on O𝑆. For an Alexandroff space S, we prove that 𝑁(O𝑆) is spatial iff the infinite binary tree 𝒯2 does not embed ...
    • When is the frame of nuclei spatial: A new approach 

      Ávila Álvarez, Francisco (2020-07-01)
      For a frame L, let XL be the Esakia space of L. We identify a special subset YL of XL consisting of nuclear points of XL, and prove the following results: • L is spatial iff YL is dense in XL. • If L is spatial, then ...

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