• Aluminium oxide formation via atomic layer deposition using a polymer brush mediated selective infiltration approach 

      Mani Gonzalez, Pierre Giovanni; Snelgrove, Matthew; McFeely, Caitlin; Lahtonen, K; Lundy, Ross; Hughes, Greg; Valden, M; McGlynn, Enda; Yadav, Pravind; Saari, J; Morris, Mike A; O Connor, Robert (2020-03-06)
      Area selective deposition (ASD) is an emerging method for the patterning of electronic devices as it can significantly reduce processing steps in the industry. A potential ASD methodology uses infiltration of metal precursors ...
    • Titanium infiltration into ultrathin PMMA brushes 

      Mani Gonzalez, Pierre Giovanni (2021-07-21)
      Vapor phase infiltration (VPI) is a bottom-up process that involves the infiltration of polymers, often using atomic layer deposition compatible precursors. By exposing a polymer to an organo-metallic precursor, area ...

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