• Comparing workload and performance during demanding push force and mental tasks 

      Hernandez Arellano, Juan Luis; Maldonado-Macías, Aide Aracely; Ochoa Ortiz, Carlos Alberto; Campoya Morales, Angel Fabian; Rodriguez, Yordan (2022-12-26)
      Abstract: BACKGROUND:The effects of performing occupational tasks that demand physical and mental efforts in combined and simultaneous approaches are unknown, especially when pushing force is analyzed as a physical effort ...
    • Technical Analysis of Shipments in an Automotive Company to Forecast Sales Volumes 

      Ochoa Ortiz, Carlos Alberto (Springer, 2021-09-09)
      This research presents an analysis of the shipments forecast of automotive sensors in three regions where such products are sold and shipped of 15,000 unique products and more than 100 million of units shipped last year. ...

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